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People centered design is our passion.

So much so that we’ve put together a free brand story workbook to help improve your brand strategy and improve your audience’s experience with your products/services.

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Shape your Brand

How do you create your brand? What is the foundation of a credible, competitive, and consistent brand? Does your brand clearly represent your business the way you want it to?

Citrus Studios® Brand Story Workbook will help you write your unique brand story. It will guide you through making your brand carry an identity that exudes your business values.

Our Brand Story Workbook has all the tools you need for shaping your brand the way you want it. It is an entire workshop that’s arranged for you to build your brand from the ground up. You will start with discovering or rediscovering WHY you are doing the business. Then, it directs you towards knowing your VISION, MISSION, and CORE VALUES. These and more are all stepping stones to one goal: Creating YOUR UNIQUE BRAND STORY.

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Connect with your Brand Story

The very heart of creating a brand is the connection you make with your audience. It’s how you make people feel when they come across your brand. Therefore a brand story helps you to understand your ideal clients and how you can clearly convey how you can support them.

Your Why

You will start with discovering or rediscovering WHY you are doing the business.

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Your Vision

Knowing the vision that you have for your business is a must when creating a successful and profitable brand.

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Your Mission

Your mission statement focuses on the today and what you are doing to meet your bigger vision.

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Your Value

What are your most important values that set you apart from your competitors.

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Entrepreneur and business coach are lovin’ it

Here are a couple of remarks reflecting our client’s perspective on the work we’ve accomplished together.

The design direction they developed was excellent..

They are professional, responsive, and creative..

Kalika has consistently delivered high-quality work..

They have actually deliver the project as promised..

I can honestly say my business is a success, in no small part, because of the digital marketing efforts at Citrus.

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