Sephora, an esteemed global cosmetics company, had an internal communication problem that was in dire need of a solution. With employees distributed globally, information sharing was chaotic and disconnected, leading to confusion and miscommunication. To address this, Sephora approached Citrus Studios to design and program a state-of-the-art intranet system that would streamline their internal communications.


An intranet is a private, internal network used exclusively by the members of an organization. It functions as a centralized system that facilitates the exchange of information, communication, and collaboration among its users. It typically includes features like document management, team communication tools, information sharing platforms, and personalized dashboards.

Intranets can also integrate with other business tools used by the organization. Because it operates within the organization, an intranet is often more secure than the public internet, protecting sensitive internal data and information.


Citrus Studios set about creating a digital platform that not only connected employees across different geographies and departments but also encompassed Sephora’s brand essence. They focused on creating a user-centric, intuitive interface that facilitated easy navigation and seamless access to information

Key features of the intranet included:

  • Personalized dashboards for employees, presenting a quick snapshot of relevant information.
  • A comprehensive search functionality for swift information retrieval.
  • Content-rich knowledge databases for training and development.
  • Multilingual support to ensure that the intranet was accessible to all employees, regardless of their native language.


Citrus Studios translated the platform into French, in line with Sephora’s origins and its large French-speaking employee base.

This translation was not merely literal but also cultural, preserving Sephora’s unique brand voice and creating a truly localized experience.


Sephora’s new intranet platform was a hit among its global workforce. Employees felt more connected, informed, and engaged. This resulted in improved productivity, smoother collaboration, and an enriched company culture.

This case reaffirms Citrus Studios’ prowess in developing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of global brands.

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