Client Overview

The Gamble House in Pasadena, California, renowned for its intricate craftsmanship and historical significance in the American Arts and Crafts movement, sought to elevate its online presence. To achieve this, The Gamble House partnered with Citrus Studios for a strategic redesign of their existing website.

Project Scope and Objectives

The project aimed to transform The Gamble House’s website into a more accessible, visually engaging, and functional online portal that caters to museum enthusiasts, historians, and tourists. The redesign was focused on integrating modern web functionalities that comply with accessibility standards while showcasing the house’s unique architectural beauty and enhancing its historical narrative.

Process and Implementation

The redesign process was divided into two key phases, with a priority on rapid development to meet an expedited launch schedule.

Initial Setup and Accessibility

The project began with the establishment of a WordPress staging server to allow for development without impacting the live site. The installation of the AccessiBe plugin was a crucial step, utilizing AI to dynamically adapt the website for accessibility, offering features like voice navigation and content adjustment for users with disabilities. This not only ensured ADA compliance but also reflected The Gamble House’s commitment to inclusivity.

Comprehensive Website Redesign and Enhanced Features

Our team embarked on a comprehensive redesign, drawing inspiration from museum industry standards for functionality while infusing the site with aesthetic elements that reflect the identity of The Gamble House. A modern, mobile-responsive design was implemented, including a sticky menu, a prominent donate button, and parallax scrolling effects to create a visually rich experience.

A significant enhancement was the addition of opportunities to display high-quality images of The Gamble House throughout the site. These images showcase the property’s stunning architectural details and lush surroundings, providing an immersive visual experience for visitors. The color scheme was carefully selected to echo the natural materials and earth tones prevalent in the house, further emulating its identity and enhancing the aesthetic continuity of the website.

The integration of the Modern Events Calendar plugin, customized to sync with the house’s existing Blackbaud ticketing system, significantly improved the display and management of events. This allowed for a seamless user interface that facilitated event registration and interaction, enhancing visitor engagement and planning.

Outcomes and Deliverables

The redesigned website markedly improved in terms of accessibility, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. The AccessiBe plugin ensured ADA compliance, broadening the site’s accessibility to a more diverse audience. The visual upgrades, including the enhanced use of photography and a thoughtful color palette, not only captivated visitors but also faithfully represented The Gamble House’s architectural essence.




The revitalized website for The Gamble House, delivered by Citrus Studios, successfully marries historical content with cutting-edge digital features. This project exemplifies Citrus Studios’ ability to efficiently deliver customized solutions that enhance digital interactions and extend the reach of cultural institutions. The updated site now serves as a more inviting and accessible digital gateway, enriching the visitor experience and promoting a deeper appreciation of the house’s historical and architectural significance.

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