Sunshine Volleyball Club

Sunshine Volleyball Club, the leading girls’ volleyball club in Southern California with over 45 teams and a record-breaking number of Junior National bids, realized the need for a digital transformation to support their expanding operations. Given their impressive growth and the increasing importance of an engaging online presence, they sought a comprehensive redesign and overhaul of their website. To this end, they enlisted the services of Citrus Studios.


Despite Sunshine Volleyball’s reputation and growth in the physical world, their digital presence was lacking. Their existing website was not only outdated in terms of design but also had confusing navigation and lacked user-friendly features like online registration and event calendars. This significantly impeded the club’s ability to efficiently communicate with its expanding member base.

Moreover, the club faced difficulties managing the ongoing WordPress maintenance and content updates due to infrequent and unsystematic practices. Furthermore, the absence of an organized email marketing strategy led to missed opportunities for member engagement and community building.


Understanding the needs of Sunshine Volleyball Club, Citrus Studios undertook a complete redesign of the website, incorporating essential features and an aesthetic aligned with the club’s dynamic spirit.

Key implementations included:

  1. SportsEngine Integration: Citrus Studios integrated SportsEngine registration links on the website, enabling members to conveniently register for events online, thereby simplifying the club’s administrative processes.
  2. Team Pages: Dedicated pages for each of the 45+ teams were created, providing a centralized location for updates, schedules, and team-specific information.
  3. Event Calendar: An integrated event calendar made it easy for members to track upcoming games, practices, and other events, thus enhancing the club’s communication with its members.

Citrus Studios also assumed responsibility for ongoing website maintenance, ensuring that the WordPress platform remained up to date and functional. They committed to regular web content updates to keep the website engaging and relevant.

In addition, Citrus Studios introduced a bi-monthly email marketing campaign aimed at keeping members informed about the club’s activities and further fostering a sense of community.


Citrus Studios’ efforts culminated in a significant improvement in Sunshine Volleyball Club’s online presence. The club’s members expressed appreciation for the website’s enhanced functionality and visual appeal, along with its ease of use.
The introduction of SportsEngine for online registration streamlined operations and led to increased event participation.

Similarly, the establishment of team pages and the event calendar greatly improved internal communication within the club, leading to heightened member engagement. Through ongoing maintenance and timely content updates, the website remained an up-to-date, reliable resource for the members. The bi-monthly email marketing further improved communication and promoted a stronger community among members.


The transformation of Sunshine Volleyball Club’s website by Citrus Studios clearly demonstrates the power of a well-executed digital transformation in enhancing communication and fostering user engagement within a sports organization. Through the integration of modern features, consistent content updates, and regular email marketing efforts, Sunshine Volleyball Club not only redefined its online presence but also further solidified its position as the leading girls’ volleyball club in Southern California.

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