Redesign and Content Restructuring Case Study for Gavina Coffee

The Gaviña family’s coffee story began in 1870 in the mountains of Southern Cuba. After our family’s arrival in Los Angeles in 1963, we carried on a tradition of passion for producing gourmet coffee by founding F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc. in 1967.


Gaviña Coffee, a renowned distributor of fine coffees with over a century of history, embarked on a mission to revamp their information-heavy website,

The primary objective was to restructure the information architecture, making it more user-friendly, and to design a visually compelling, responsive website while staying true to Gavina’s brand guidelines.

Yanelle Gaviña, a fourth-generation member, sought to modernize the presentation of the brand’s rich history and knowledge.


To achieve this, we gave their website a complete makeover. Our approach began with reorganizing the vast amount of information available to ensure a more intuitive navigation experience for visitors.

We meticulously designed the website, aligning it with Gavina’s brand guidelines, to create a visually appealing and responsive platform. The design elements incorporated Gavina’s heritage, blending modernity with tradition. High-quality visuals and multimedia elements were utilized to bring the brand’s story to life.

Additionally, we introduced interactive features and engaging storytelling techniques to highlight Gavina’s century-old history and knowledge, making it more accessible to a modern audience. This approach allowed us to breathe fresh life into the brand’s story while preserving its authenticity.


The outcomes of the website redesign and content restructuring were highly successful. Gavina Coffee now boasts an information-rich website with a well-organized information architecture, providing visitors with an intuitive and engaging experience. The responsive design ensures accessibility across various devices.


The new website effectively tells the story of Gavina Coffee, bridging the gap between its rich history and the contemporary audience. It has revitalized the brand’s online presence, preserving its heritage while presenting it in a modern and compelling way.

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