Precision Construction Services

Precision Construction Services is a San Luis Obispo-based award-winning commercial construction firm, serving a wide range of clientele across the Western United States. Their vast portfolio spans from leading developers and winemakers to private aerospace firms, utilities, federal agencies, and nonprofits. However, their website was not adequately reflecting their high standards and extensive project history, creating a need for a comprehensive website redesign.


The website structure was convoluted and the content was disorganized, making it difficult for visitors to find specific information. The portfolio section, in particular, was in a basic list format that did not do justice to the breadth and diversity of their projects.


Citrus Studios was appointed to overhaul the website, starting with reorganizing the site map. Our team collaborated closely with Precision to understand their business, services, and clientele.

The goal was to create a seamless and intuitive flow of information that would engage visitors and inspire further exploration.
In the portfolio sections, we introduced categorization to group similar projects together, replacing the previous list format. This allowed visitors to navigate the portfolio more efficiently and find relevant projects without having to scroll through every project individually.

A standout feature we incorporated was an interactive project map. This innovative tool showcased the vast geographical spread of Precision’s projects. Visitors could click on any point in the map to access detailed information about that project, providing a visually appealing and user-friendly way to explore Precision’s extensive project history.


The redesigned website brought clarity and improved user experience, showcasing Precision Construction Services’ extensive portfolio more effectively. The interactive project map, in particular, was a visually impressive feature that demonstrated the firm’s widespread reach and commitment to quality construction.


By creating an intuitive, user-friendly interface, we ensured that potential clients could easily find and appreciate the extent of Precision’s services and success stories.

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