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The digital landscape is continuously evolving, and businesses must adapt to stay competitive. Recognizing this, NYX Cosmetics, a respected cosmetics industry player, sought to enhance its online presence and social media footprint. They chose to collaborate with Citrus Studios, a premier digital agency with expertise in web development and social media strategy.



Despite being a well-established brand, NYX Cosmetics faced challenges with its digital presence. The existing website offered an inadequate user experience and was in dire need of modernization. Furthermore, the brand’s visibility on social media platforms, particularly on YouTube—a key influencer hub for the beauty industry—was limited.

This absence of a robust online footprint was increasingly disadvantageous given the shift towards digital consumerism.


Citrus Studios was engaged to spearhead a complete overhaul of NYX’s digital identity. They proposed a dual strategy: a thorough redesign of the NYX Cosmetics website and a comprehensive social media campaign to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

  1. Website Redesign: Citrus Studios began by conducting in-depth user research to gain insights into NYX’s target audience’s preferences. The insights gleaned were then woven into a web design strategy centered around easy navigation, aesthetic appeal, and mobile compatibility.
    The e-commerce section was also revamped, offering a seamless shopping experience. This encompassed simplifying the checkout process, integrating a variety of payment options, and instating stringent security measures to protect user data.
  2. Social Media Campaign: Recognizing the potential of YouTube in the beauty industry, Citrus Studios developed a diverse range of content for NYX’s YouTube channel. This included product tutorials, collaborations with beauty influencers, and customer reviews to increase engagement and boost brand visibility. Simultaneously, Citrus Studios expanded NYX’s presence across other platforms like Facebook, and Twitter. They designed platform-specific content to cater to each platform’s unique audience demographics and used interactive features to enhance user engagement.


The redesigned website led to significant improvements in user engagement and conversion rates.

The strategic focus on YouTube paid off immensely. NYX’s subscriber count soared, and the engagement with the brand’s content significantly increased. Collaborations with influencers successfully attracted new audiences and created a buzz around the brand.

This momentum on YouTube also positively influenced NYX’s presence on other social media platforms, elevating the brand’s overall visibility.


The successful partnership between NYX Cosmetics and Citrus Studios underscores the power of digital transformation. By focusing on user needs and leveraging the unique aspects of various social media platforms, they were able to revitalize NYX’s online presence. This case study highlights the critical importance of a carefully strategized and well-executed digital strategy in today’s competitive business landscape.

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