Client Overview

Comedian and actor Matt Knudsen sought to enhance his online presence with a redesigned website that would better showcase his portfolio and streamline booking processes for corporate clientele and fans. Citrus Studios was selected to undertake this project with the goal of creating a visually appealing and highly functional website that reflects Matt’s unique brand identity and professional offerings.

Project Scope and Objectives

The redesign aimed to provide a fresh, engaging, and user-friendly website experience, prioritizing brand cohesion with Matt’s chosen colors of blue and yellow. The project’s objectives were to improve content accessibility, integrate modern web functionalities for a seamless user experience on both desktop and mobile devices, and enhance overall site navigability and user engagement.

Process and Implementation

The redesign project kicked off with the assignment of a dedicated project manager from Citrus Studios, who facilitated regular weekly Zoom meetings to discuss progress, gather feedback, and ensure that the project remained aligned with Matt’s vision and goals. This ongoing dialogue ensured that the project adapted fluidly to any emerging needs or changes.

Design and Development

Drawing inspiration from the user-friendly layouts of well-known personal websites, our design team introduced a refreshed landing page with new background photography that better captured Matt’s brand essence. The top menu bar was streamlined by removing less essential sections, such as the Media and Photos tabs, to make navigation more intuitive. We increased the visibility of social media links to enhance user engagement and replaced the “Comedy Trailer” section with features that highlight Matt’s current projects, booking options, and comedy specials.

On the development side, the website was built using WordPress, allowing for easy management and updates. Our developers integrated Matt’s brand colors throughout the site and added photos and videos that incorporated content from Youtube. This not only added a dynamic visual element but also made the site more engaging for visitors.

New Shop Integration

Recognizing the need for a secure and streamlined process for merchandise sales, we implemented a sophisticated e-commerce plugin. This tool facilitated a secure shopping environment, simplifying both inventory management and order processing for Matt. The integration of this system into the website allows customers to easily browse and purchase merchandise, enhancing the overall user experience and providing an additional revenue stream for Matt.

Quality Assurance and Launch

Before going live, the website underwent thorough testing by our quality assurance team to ensure every feature functioned correctly and the site was optimized for speed and responsiveness across all devices. The launch was meticulously planned to ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime.




The comprehensive redesign of Matt Knudsen’s website by Citrus Studios not only improved its aesthetic appeal but also its functionality and ease of use. The project highlighted our ability to integrate complex web functionalities with a keen eye for design, ultimately delivering a solution that perfectly aligned with the client’s needs and brand identity. The new website aims to significantly improve user engagement and  streamline the booking and shopping processes, which will be valuable assets for Matt’s ongoing professional endeavors.

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