Houston Volleyball Academy

The Houston Volleyball Academy (HVA), a prestigious institution with over 30 years of history in training athletes for NCAA volleyball programs, recognized the need to transform its digital presence to match its real-world reputation.

While HVA has been effectively “growing the game” and nurturing athletes since 1991, their existing online platform was out of sync with their legacy and ambition. Therefore, HVA turned to Citrus Studios for a comprehensive redesign and integration of their website.



Prior to the intervention of Citrus Studios, HVA’s website was outdated, lacking in modern features, and not representative of the academy’s distinguished standing. Without crucial features like online registration and an event calendar, communication with members and prospective athletes was less efficient than it could be. Moreover, maintenance and updating of the website content on the WordPress platform were infrequent and unsystematic, which further impaired the functionality and relevance of the site.


Citrus Studios, with their comprehensive understanding of the academy’s needs, embarked on a holistic website redesign, aiming to bring the digital presence of HVA in line with its real-world prestige.

Key implementations by Citrus Studios included:

  1. SportsEngine Integration: The integration of SportsEngine registration links streamlined the registration process for the members and prospective athletes, simplifying administrative tasks for the academy.
  2. Redesign: A complete overhaul of the website was carried out, resulting in an aesthetic and navigational structure more suited to the academy’s stature.

Citrus Studios also undertook the ongoing maintenance of the WordPress platform, ensuring the website remained up-to-date, secure, and functional at all times. As part of their commitment to keeping the website relevant and engaging, they ensured regular updates of web content.
In addition to the redesign and maintenance, Citrus Studios also provided web hosting services, ensuring the smooth operation of the HVA’s online platform.


The efforts of Citrus Studios led to a substantial improvement in HVA’s online presence. The redesigned website, equipped with modern features and a visually appealing interface, resonated well with the academy’s community. The ability to register online via SportsEngine significantly simplified the enrollment process, encouraging increased participation.

The ongoing maintenance and web content updates kept the website current and reliable, maintaining its value as an essential resource for the academy’s community. The provision of web hosting services also ensured seamless access to the website, further enhancing the user experience.


Citrus Studios’ transformation of the HVA website underlines the impact of an effective digital transformation on a sports organization. By aligning the digital presence of HVA with its real-world legacy, the academy was able to enhance its engagement with current and prospective athletes. The integration of modern features, consistent content updates, and reliable web hosting made the website a valuable asset to the academy, reinforcing HVA’s status as a leading volleyball training institution in Houston.

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