The Piatigorsky Archives Website for the Colburn School

Born in 1903 in Ukraine, Gregor Piatigorsky emerged from humble beginnings to become a celebrated cellist. By age eight, he was performing professionally, and at fifteen, he joined the Bolshoi Orchestra as the principal cellist. His escape from Communist Russia led to a distinguished career, including becoming the principal cellist for the Berlin Philharmonic. Piatigorsky’s extensive career included performances with major orchestras, collaborations with renowned musicians, and numerous recordings. Settling in Los Angeles in 1949, he became known for his musicianship, teaching, and generosity.


To design a comprehensive, engaging website for The Piatigorsky Archives, reflecting the breadth of Piatigorsky’s life and career.


Citrus Studios developed an interactive, user-friendly website on WordPress. The site features an in-depth timeline showcasing Piatigorsky’s journey from a child prodigy to a world-renowned cellist and teacher. This timeline is integrated with digital archives, providing a rich, educational experience for visitors.


The website serves as a digital monument to Piatigorsky’s legacy, making his collection accessible worldwide. It’s a resource for music lovers, scholars, and those interested in the history of classical music.


By creating an intuitive, user-friendly interface, we ensured that visitors could easily find and appreciate the The Piatigorsky Archives Website for the Colburn School.

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