Work It, Own It, Bring It

hello, boss!

There’s nothing little about this book. It’s packed full of big branding tips to help you understand and elevate your brand. It will give you the foundation to grow your business, career, and life.

Whether you’re the founder of a start-up or a global CEO who wants to stay
relevant—this book will help you.

This book was inspired by you: my fellow female founders who have faced inequality, limited opportunity, and obstacles that our male counterparts
have never seen. I’ve been there with you. I’ve muddled through the trenches of business and have come out on the other side with a passion to share this branding and business know-how.

Orange & Bergamot was born out of this desire to help women business
owners with their branding and interactive design needs. I’ve taken my twenty
years of experience owning a design agency and distilled the branding
process into a simple quiz that will tell you about you and your business core

About the Author

Kalika Yap is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, and author. She’s best known for inventing the Luxe Link purse hook. Kalika has spent the past two decades empowering entrepreneurs to change the world by providing them with business and branding services as well as through her work with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Her creative agency, Orange & Bergamot, focuses on female founders to help one million female entrepreneurs make $1 million in revenue. She’s a wife and mother of two entrepreneurial girls.
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HarperCollins Publisher Presents:

Little Brand Book: Find Your Inner Influenceher to Work It, Own It, Bring It

Do you really know what makes you unique? And how to work it? Own it? Bring it? Well lucky for you, we do. And we have the playbook to show you exactly how to thrive in business, life, and relationships.

Take the Brand Boss personality test to reveal your specific archetype and how this acumen applies to your life, your relationships, your career and your company. Are you a Catalyst, Coach or Crusader? Optimist or a Woo-er? Maven or Mastermind? Poet or a Prodigy? Just like there are 12 Astrological Signs, we share the 12 Personality Archetypes and then help you drill down to unlock yours. We’ll also introduce you to female entrepreneurs who embody each particular archetype—an “InfluenceHER”—to personally share their kick-ass success stories and inspire you to unleash your talents, brains, and vision to confidently strike out on your own.

Little Brand Book offers support, tools, and lessons to help women succeed in business and to create abundance for yourself, your family, your company, your employees, and your customers.

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Audible Book: You can now listen to the Little Brand Book while commuting or cleaning up the house.


As a young businesswoman, Kalika had to adapt as the world of marketing and business evolved around her. Here, she shares her own story — how she learned to consider archetypes while marketing, why she wrote Little Brand Book and how you can incorporate better branding strategies in your own business.

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