Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

I recently attended an inspiring Pollyanna conference at Harvard-Westlake, where Rev. Natosha Reid Rice gave a powerful keynote on finding the strength to keep pushing for change, even when we feel tired and weary.

As an entrepreneur, this really resonated with me.

Rev. Rice acknowledged that doing powerful, innovative work can be exhausting, asking the room:

“Anybody else in here get tired?”

She reflected on how her own grandmother found the perseverance to raise four kids as a single mom in the Jim Crow South, scrubbing floors day after day yet singing hymns for strength.

How did she and others like her “keep on keeping on” in the face of injustice and hardship?

Rev. Rice explored this question, identifying key themes like courage, faith, vision and love that fuel change-makers.

She urged us: “When you feel your powers waning, don’t go it alone.

Connect with others to rekindle your drive.

Fight hopelessness, the “enemy of justice.

Rev. Rice compelled us to tap into our own superpowers to pave the way forward.

Though we get weary, we must

1) Dream again,
2) Lead boldly and courageously, and
3) Stay rooted in love.

I walked away reminded that creating lasting change requires deep resilience.

Progress is not linear; there will be turbulence on the journey.

But if we unite in purpose, take care of each other, and recharge our spirits, we can manifest the world we wish to see.

Rev. Rice’s wisdom will stay with me as I continue striving to “keep on keeping on,” even when the road gets hard.

Her message breathed life into my commitment to this work.

Rev. Rice, a fellow Gen X’er, ended her talk with nostalgic reference to the Super Heroes: The Wonder Twins. This took me back to Saturday mornings watching the cartoon on my childhood Zenith TV.

“What was cool about their power is it didn’t activate individually. It only activated when they touched someone. I ask you to take your right hand, put it in the air, look at your neighbor lnfront or back, take that fist, punch, and say Wonder Twin Power, Activate!”

I love that.

The Wonder Twins demonstrated that to fully ignite our potential, we need to join forces with others who complement us. By uniting our gifts, we can achieve more than any solo hero could alone.

Each of you has shown courage, faith, and vision to bring your ideas to life. But even superheroes need help sometimes. When you feel your powers waning, don’t isolate yourself.

Connect with those whose strengths balance your weaknesses. Together, we can awaken the latent superpowers within each of us.

So let’s continue to inspire each other as we develop our inner heroes. Our world needs empowered changemakers like you now more than ever.

It’s time.

Wonder Twin Power, Activate!