Woman Business Owner of the Year

I’m so grateful and humbled to be nominated for the Women Business Owners of the Year Award by the National Association of Women Business Owners in LA (NAWBO).

NAWBO has been a part of my life for over two decades and has been there for me since the very beginning when I started my first company Citrus Studios in 1999. At Citrus Studios, we work with purpose driven organizations and believe every organization has a unique story to tell. We’re passionate about helping them authentically share that story with the world, attract the right clients and at the same time increase their revenue.

My first NAWBO event was attending a breakfast in Pasadena. I sat in the back and watched in awe. In between bites of fruit and sips from my black coffee I observed women business owners who were dynamic, smart, warm and friendly. They were moms, business leaders who were so willing to help a young, single, immigrant entrepreneur.

I’ve also had the privilege of serving on the NAWBO Board as Education and Communications Chair for many years and most recently serving on the NAWBO-CA Propel Conference committee.
Since I started Citrus Studios Inc., a digital agency, I’ve founded four other companies: Orange & Bergamot, a creative agency for women entrepreneurs with branding and website development, Luxe Link, I have world wide patents on an original purse hook, The Waxing Co. the first luxury exclusive waxing salon in Honolulu, and helped launch Conscious Kids Cookies, with my two teen daughters Malia & Kailani Yap.

Entrepreneurship can be challenging, so being part of a supportive community like NAWBO where like-minded women entrepreneurs can connect, learn, and thrive together has really been a game changer.

Together, let’s make a lasting impact and create a world where entrepreneurship is not just a pursuit, but a powerful force for positive change.