Things to Do in the next 30 Days

In connection with Branding & Marketing in the Time of COVID-19

Find your story & tell it:

So the first thing is really looking at your story and telling it, whether that’s online on social, on the web, on email. Everyone has a story, whether it’s your story as one of the employees or team members or fundraisers, or as the story of a volunteer or the story of a donor, there’s someone there that’s going to be impactful.

Curate your internal Influencers

When we get busy, we often forget that the biggest influencers we have are the people right in our network but leveraging your internal influencers and asking your donors to share and asking your volunteers to share and pushing that more, it really does help move the needle in terms of getting that help you need, or the dollars you need to be funded or brand awareness you need for a certain campaign. There are a ton of influencers within your organization.

Remember that sharing the story of your organization and having other influencers in your organization share is such a valuable currency and it’s not to be overlooked.

Bring experience to social

  • Drop-offs
  • Highlights
  • Lives
  • Impact Stories

So one of the other things we’re seeing across the board is really the desire to connect physically, and bringing that experience from live to social which is very hard to do right now, but there have been some really interesting ways that we’ve seen clients kind of bridge the gap between social and in real life.

There are so many opportunities and to partner with other organizations to really kind of just make it come back home to the user consumer or donor. highlighting, these elements are very key.

So having these highlights and making sure that some of these elements can be live really will help impact your story and stories.

Adjust Marketing Funnel

  • Pivot offline/online budgets
  • Identify key technologies to deploy within the next quarter

The other thing, is adjusting our marketing funnel. it’s an opportunity for us to reevaluate.

– what are we going to spend our money on this year?
– What was our marketing budget allocated for?
– Was it allocated for events?
– Was it allocated for offline in-person?

We don’t know if the offline event is going to happen in September or October or August but we do know that we can reach those consumers or those volunteers or those donors through different channels.

So we’ve identified key technologies to deploy within the next quarter.

Resources and Collateral

SCE has designed materials that will be effective in the communities that you serve and maximize the interactions with your constituents.

Other helpful resources: