The Middle Path: Wisdom for Mindful Entrepreneurial Families

One of my greatest joys is serving as the Founding Chair of a mindfulness group at my daughter’s school. It’s a role that allows me to merge my entrepreneurial spirit with my focus on family and personal growth.

Recently, I had the privilege of listening to Mindfulness expert Brian Shiers: “The Dharma of Achievement: Finding a Middle Path for Thriving & Resilience.”

Brian’s insights were not only profound but deeply relevant to us as parents and entrepreneurs. I’m eager to share some of these learnings with you and hope they’ll resonate and enrich your family as they have mine.

Dharma in Entrepreneurship and Family

For us, “Dharma” transcends its literal meanings of “right direction” or “righteous living” to embody our life’s purpose—our true calling and what we’re destined to achieve.

As entrepreneurs, we resonate with this pursuit of purpose, but it’s important to remember the Middle Path. This principle of balance teaches us to navigate life with wisdom, avoiding the extremes of overindulgence and austerity, a lesson invaluable for ourselves and our kids.

Key Insights from Brian Shiers’s Talk:

Navigating Teen Pressures:
“A 2018 report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation named the top four environmental factors negatively impacting adolescent wellness: poverty, trauma, discrimination, and the excessive pressure to excel.”

Understanding Expectations:
“A 2019 report…highlighted the adjustment problems linked with the pressure to excel at academics and extracurriculars.” Brian’s insights here echo the entrepreneurial world’s intensity, reminding us of the balance needed between motivating our teens and recognizing their individual journeys.

Embracing Mindfulness:
Brian advocates for mindfulness as a crucial tool for resilience and creativity, emphasizing its role in grounding us amid our bustling lives. “Recognizing pure consciousness or pure awareness, which is fundamentally always there from the moment you’re born till the last breath, can radically change our approach to communication and stress management.”

The Value of Feeling Valued:
“Research suggests that as many as 1/3 of the adolescents in the US do not believe they matter in their communities.” Brian highlights the importance of ensuring our teens feel they contribute meaningfully, which is vital for their sense of self-worth and belonging.

Implement These Insights:

Create Space for Open Conversations:
Inspired by Brian’s advice, let’s encourage conversations with our teens about their dreams, pressures, and the balance between striving and being. It’s about listening and understanding their perspective, creating an environment where they feel seen and heard.

Share the Practice of Mindfulness:
Introducing mindfulness practices within our families can be transformative, enhancing our collective ability to manage stress, embrace creativity, and strengthen our bonds.

Affirm Our Teens’ Intrinsic Value:
In our achievement-driven culture, reminding our teens of their inherent worth is essential. Brian’s focus on the concept of mattering underscores the need for unconditional love and support.

Moving Forward

Brian Shiers’s insights remind us that amidst our quests for success, the well-being of our families remains paramount. By adopting a mindful approach to life and entrepreneurship, we can guide our teens toward a balanced, fulfilling path, helping them discover their dharma and navigate the Middle Path.

Let’s continue to support and inspire each other in this journey, embracing the lessons learned from mindfulness as we grow together in business and family life.

Wishing you all the best for you and your family always!


CEO, Citrus Studios