The Hidden Power Of Google+

Google+ is the surefire way to become Google’s best friend. But what’s the most effective way to get the SEO you expect when signing up? The answer is all in the way you utilize Google+.

Many believe that Facebook and Google+ are equivalents and many have a Google+ account but don’t understand the difference. It’s true the two are similar, but there are a few major advantages Google+ has that Facebook simply can’t compete with.

Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts are an incredible way to share a live videoconference while still offering interactive elements. Conducting a workshop online while still being able to take questions from the audience brings you the power of conversation versus demonstration. It also allows a massive audience of thousands of people to attend while putting the event information in your Google calendar.

Google+ = SEO+
Google+ content offers the possibility to have posts (depending on interaction) show up in search ranking where you website might not. It also has the possibility to end up in the local search Google carousel and be found right at the top of the page. Therefore, the more reviews you have on Google+, the higher ranking you’ll have in searches.

Google Analytics, Google Places, and Gmail can be accessed through your Google+ account. This makes it a breeze for you to edit the central hub of information and see where they’re going most. In Gmail specifically, you’re able to +1 and follow different e-mail contacts who also have Google+. It even creates larger search through YouTube (owned by Google, of course). When you create a YouTube channel, you create a Google account. Best practice is to centralize all your accounts into one, which will create consistency in the content they will receive on different searches.