The Exquisite Risk

When entrepreneurs come to me for personal branding, I often tell them they need to do a photo and video shoot, get a podcast one sheet, and create a video for social media. And more often than not, they’re intimidated to put themselves out there.

But I tell them that the bold step of putting yourself out there is a move that’s not only good for your brain (anterior mid-cingulate cortex), it’s also daring and incredibly smart.

I get it; the idea of sharing your story, your setbacks, and your successes can feel daunting.

What will people think?

Will they judge?

Will you hear crickets?

Or worse, will they simply not care?

Let’s pause for a moment.

When you see fellow entrepreneurs sharing their journeys, what goes through your mind?

Are you quick to judge, or do you find yourself rooting for them, empathizing with their struggles, and celebrating their wins?

If it’s the former, that’s probably why you’re hesitant to put yourself out there!

But it’s most likely the latter.

We’re all bobbing along in this unpredictable sea of entrepreneurship together, after all.

Those who dare to step beyond their comfort zones into their “zone of courage” are not just brainier and braver; they’re also probably more forgiving and compassionate towards themselves.

And that’s a superpower in this wild entrepreneurial ride. Remember, no one starts as an expert. Every skill, every bit of knowledge, and every success story begins with a willingness to stumble, to learn, and to grow.

So, why not start practicing now?

Especially when your audience is small, it’s the perfect time to experiment and see what resonates and what you need to recalibrate.

Share the real, unfiltered stories of your entrepreneurial journey. The late nights, the early mornings, the “aha” moments, and the “oh no” ones too.

Besides, sharing your journey does more than just build your brand; it builds a community. It connects you with people on a level that polished, perfected narratives just can’t.

And isn’t connection what it’s all about?

Tips for Sharing Your Story:

1. Start small: You don’t have to spill everything at once. Begin with small stories or lessons learned from your day-to-day.

2. Be Authentic: The more genuine your story, the more it will resonate. People can tell when you’re being real with them.

3. Use the Right Tools: To bring your stories to life, leverage tools that make storytelling easier and more engaging. Personally, I’m a big fan of:

  • Video Leap: Great for crafting compelling video stories with a professional edge.
  • Vids: Perfect for quick, engaging video snippets.
  • B612: Ideal for those who want to add a bit of fun and creativity to their videos with filters and effects.
  • InShot: Offers a more advanced but still user-friendly interface for video editing, importing audio, speeding up, reversing, removing backgrounds, and more.

4. Learn from feedback: Pay attention to how your audience responds to different types of stories. Do you get hearts? Do you get “huhs?” Each response is gold. Feedback is a gift that offers insights into your audience’s hearts and minds.

5. Keep it consistent: The more regularly you share, the more you’ll grow both your confidence and your community. On TikTok, you’ll need at least 1,000 followers to go live. Make it your goal in 2024 to go live once a day after you reach 1,000 followers.

Taking the exquisite risk of putting yourself out there is not just about overcoming fear. It’s about acknowledging that growth, connection, and ultimately success lie on the other side of vulnerability.

Let’s make a pact to share our stories, to take them with the world, and to support each other in doing so.

Here’s to the exquisite risk: Let’s open our hearts wide, invite the world to see our truth, and step into our zones of courage together.

Wishing you all the best, always.

Kalika Yap

CEO, Citrus Studios