Inspiring Testimonials from our Clients

Here are the testimonials of some of our clients. Discover how The Citrus® Team have contributed to their growth and success and have evolved into a partner that they can depend on. 

Our goal has always been to create something that communicates clearly — be it a print ad, a logo, or a website. We’re happy to know from our clients that we are able to reach that goal.

Citrus Studios® and its CEO, Kalika, are awesome. I’ve hired lots of design firms in the past. But—until Citrus®—never has a firm delivered work product fitting so perfectly what we requested. The design is spectacular. Our Citrus®-designed site is of the same quality that the most prominent firms in our industry have paid six figures to develop.

I was surprised that Citrus® stayed on budget because most firms always find a way to get a change order approved. I came to Citrus® with higher bids from other firms. I was skeptical that Citrus would be able to deliver quality work for the price it promised. And in the end, the site that Citrus® designed was better than I expected the higher priced firms could achieve. Amazing!

Finally, I had a rush project. Kalika and her team managed to fit us in same day, understanding the urgency of our request. I am grateful.

So now I am going to get on a retainer deal so that Citrus® can continue to provide my firm with exceptional design at an even better price.

I’m happy to answer any questions from potential Citrus® clients. Feel free to send me an email to derek@newmanlaw.com.

Citrus Studios® is an awesome web design agency! Kalika and her team are really attentive to our company’s needs.

The web site design turned out amazing and lots of my clients have said they loved it!

If you want to work with a firm that’s creative, organized and fairly priced then this is the place
to go! They are patient and take the time to educate you about the process. I don’t like to spend my time on technology so it’s great to have someone who you can rely on to take it on.

They continue to support our web site even after launch by updating our web site modules and it’s been really easy to communicate with them.

They are flexible with pricing and also own up to their mistakes if they make them. No one is perfect and I like that they take accountability.

Thank you Kalika and her team! I really appreciate everything that you have done for both of my web sites, they look amazing! I highly recommend Citrus Studios®!!! I wish I can give you more stars.

Patricia V.

I had a design concept in mind when I was looking to redesign my company’s website. After searching high and low and looking at proposals from various agencies, I decided to go with Citrus Studios® after speaking to Kalika. She had great suggestions to help turn my idea into reality, keeping in mind our modest budget. We had a short timeframe to work with as I wanted the site to be launched within a month and Kalika assured me that the timeframe was do-able. She also addressed all of my concerns to my satisfaction.

The website is now completed. I’m very happy with the CMS in place as it’s super easy to use and I’m also very happy with the work Citrus® did.

The box of cookies Citrus® sent to my office at the completion of the project was totally the icing on the cake. Thank you Citrus® team!

Tu Anh T

Kalika and her team are absolutely amazing! I always enjoy speaking with them – they are just great in every regard. Not to mention their studio is absolutely beautiful. They are such givers and always looking for way to promote their clients, their friends and their community. Highly recommend!

Cindy F.

I’ve worked with a lot of web design and branding companies over the years and Citrus Studios® is the only one that has awesome designers, responsive project managers and (most importantly IMHO) they delivered my web project ON TIME! I was so shocked when I receive the email with the subject line “your website is now live” on the day my project manager (Lisa) said it would be delivered. If you have ever had a website built, you know how amazing of a feat on time delivery can be. Thanks for all your help – happy to refer you any time.

Trevor H.

I’ve worked with Citrus® on marketing material for events that I help plan and they have been great. In the events world, you often work against unreasonable timelines which create stress on others involved in the process. Citrus® has been very accommodating in this regard, even when working within unreasonable deadlines. Thank you!

Chad Z.

I loved working with Citrus®! They provided a fantastic web design, SEO, social media for my new company – I’ve worked with other design shops before but not one with the amazing customer service that they provided! They have a gorgeous office, lots of great ideas and think outside the box. Thanks Kalika + crew!

Amanda M.

These guys are amazing. Unlike any company I’ve worked with before. They go way beyond simply doing the work you’ve hired them to do, and actually get you to think differently about how you run your business. They’re so knowledgeable about the latest software, freeware, and social tools you can use to enhance your brand appeal and your operations – and they’re eager to share and implement all of it.

This is the kind of firm you want on your team – creative, wired, and eager to go the extra mile. Your whole business will be better for the experience.

Michael D.

Thank you sooo sooo much Kalika!

Just had a moment alone to breathe and take it all in. Feeling so grateful and appreciative to have met you. Its a totally different feeling to have my visions and dreams come to life! It gives me a whole new outlook on life that I will forever be thankful for. My logo is beautiful, designs are fabulous, and MY first website is up, live and running and I’m able to tell people to check it out! WOW! what a great feeling! …let me not forget to mention, all in one month’s time. Thank you Kalika for all you do!! Thank you to The Citrus® Ohana for all your hard work, time, patience and support!

Looking forward to working on future projects with Citrus Studios®…

Tiara R.

This company is so impressive!

Kalika is very hands on and her designers are as talented and enthusiastic as she is. Once a client, they have an internal intranet where you are passworded and communicate with everyone on your project. My numerous intramails were answered within hours, if not minutes.

I found this company by chance via Google. I had just spent a lot of money with another company and was throughly disappointed with the results. Instead of throwing good money after bad, I finally decided to take the loss and just have someone else do it. Luck would have it that I landed at Citrus Studios®.

They understand what you want, have great taste, great ideas, are reasonable, responsive, on-time and best of all….they care.

I can’t recommend them enough!

Kalika and the Citrus Studios® team have an amazing attitude towards helping companies with not only branding but also expanding their markets through various channels. The firm is creative, innovative, and ready to work. They have an amazing get-it-done attitude that transcends through their work. Definitely recommend them!

Sara W.

Citrus Studios® is fantastic. Kalika’s insight and ideas have exponentially guided our next steps in building our business. She suggested easy ways to have our business become a household name. Our meeting helped open our eyes to better marketing practices that we have continued to use daily.

Susy S.

If you’ve ever met the Founder – Kalika Yap, you’d know how amazing she is as a business owner. Top rate service, she puts an enormous amount of pride in her work and she cultivates a corporate culture where everyone brings their A-Game to the table…if you’re looking for a partner to help you take your “stuff” to the next level – hire Citrus® – they’re amazing – they GET IT…

Jane “the hedgehog” P.

The team are really hardworking. Very honest and professional. Their productivity are so incredible.

Nonas P.

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