Patience is Not Inaction

I recently watched the TV show Your Honor, and a particular statement made me pause: “Patience is not Inaction.” 

For those unfamiliar, Your Honor is a gripping drama centered around a respected judge, an asthma attack, a hit-and-run and a lie that destroys the lives of multiple families. Your Honor is about the rippling effects of one incident, the power of privilege, opportunity and getting in over your head.

The show explores themes of morality, justice, and the lengths people go to protect their loved ones. 

Throughout the series, characters face difficult decisions, balancing immediate actions with long-term consequences.

In one pivotal scene, Jimmy Baxter, a powerful mob boss, imparts the wisdom that “patience is not inaction.” 

This phrase captures the idea that waiting and strategizing can be just as important as taking immediate action. 

It suggests that patience involves thoughtful planning, keen observation, and the readiness to act when the time is right.

This idea is further illustrated in another significant scene where Big Mo, a drug lord, advises her associate Little Man about the importance of playing the long game

Little Man recently lost his entire family in a fire caused by the mob boss Jimmy Baxter and Little Man wants revenge.

Their conversation highlights a crucial lesson for us as entrepreneurs: understanding when to act and when to step back.

Big Mo’s wisdom is a reminder that success isn’t just about immediate results.

It’s about having the foresight to plan for the future, the resilience to withstand setbacks, and the patience to wait for the right opportunities. 

This lesson reminded me of a challenging period with my company, Luxe Link, the original purse hook. During the early days, many companies began infringing on my patent. One woman even had the audacity to ask me for my patent details while it was still pending. I was furious, but instead of getting bogged down in anger, I decided to focus on strengthening my company.

Once Luxe Link was granted our patent in 2010, we took her to court and won a hefty settlement. This experience taught me the power of patience. While it would have been easy to react impulsively, I chose to play the long game, focusing on building my business and waiting for the right moment to take action.

By playing the long game, we can build something truly enduring and impactful.

As entrepreneurs, we often feel a sense of urgency. We want to seize every opportunity, push every boundary, and constantly move forward. 

However, patience doesn’t mean we’re doing nothing. It means we’re strategically choosing our moments to act, knowing that sometimes the best move is to wait and watch.

So, let’s embrace patience as a valuable part of our entrepreneurial toolkit. 

Let’s recognize that every pause, every moment of reflection, and every deliberate step back is a step toward a more thoughtful, strategic, and ultimately successful journey.

Stay inspired and keep flourishing.

Wishing you all the best always,

Kalika Yap