Next Steps & Resources

Grow with Google | Manage Your Business Remotely in Times of Uncertainty

Let’s wrap up today’s Livestream by talking about some of your next steps and resources.

With Google My Business, you can update things like your business description or your hours of operation. You can mark your business temporarily closed or add posts that let people know about changes in your business operations.

If you’re an advertiser with Google, sign in to Google Ads and then carefully review your ad campaigns. You may need to modify some of your ads or even pause some of your campaigns for now.

Take a look at your website. You may want to make some of the same changes there that you did in Google My Business or your Google Ads campaigns.

If you are now working from different locations, try Google Meet to connect your workforce, your clients, your customers, or just have family meetings.

And last but not least, if you want to try live streaming, visit and set up YouTube Live.

Watch the full video to Grow with Google and get more tips. 😊