Kotodama and Branding: The Hidden Power Within Your Business  

Kotodama in Japanese means the spirit or essence of a word.

Words and concepts, much like people, have inner worlds of their own.

Much like Kotodama, your brand too has an inner spirit, a resonance that can either build a lasting legacy or limit your potential.

The Brand Within Your Brand

While a cool logo and a well-designed website can catch the eye, they barely scratch the surface.

Visuals might get you noticed, but what truly earns you a place in people’s hearts is your brand’s inner essence: your brand promise and culture.

When we talk about the ‘Brand within the Brand,’ I’m talking about the aspects of your brand that are invisible but immensely powerful—the spirit, the heart of your brand.

It’s what sets you apart from competitors and what keeps you going despite obstacles in a profound way. It’s Kotodama.

It’s not what the world sees on the surface but your spirit—what happens when they engage with you, buy from you, and trust you. 

Have you paused to listen to the Kotodama, the spirit, of your brand? 

How does it want to express itself in the world? 

Your answer could very well be the key to a legacy built on trust and deep-rooted connections.

While visual branding catches the eye, the “Brand within the Brand” captures the heart and soul. It’s what truly makes you memorable and creates lasting relationships with your customers. As you build or evolve your brand, think beyond the surface to the spirit, or “Kotodama” that defines you.

With warmth and respect,

Kalika Yap  

CEO, Citrus Studios