Into the Woods: Vision & Execution in the New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy New Year! 🎊

This year, we’re celebrating the Year of the Dragon along with the element of Wood.

As an Asian American Pacific Islander (Filipino) entrepreneur, I love exploring other Asian cultures, especially Chinese, since my husband Rodney is Chinese.

Most entrepreneurs are familiar with the Dragon. The luckiest animal in the zodiac.

But many (like me) don’t know much about the Wood element – one of the five elements—Earth, Water, Metal, Fire in Taoist philosophy.

This combination of Dragon and Wood happens every 60 years – this will be the only time we will be able to experience this combination in our lifetime!

In humans, the spirit of the Wood element inhabits the vaporous, ever-changing regions of our visions, dreams, and imagination.

It is the animating agent of all mental processes.

In the Spring, form emerges from the formless depths of the Water element; pure potential transforms into possibility, vision, and planning.

The seeds of our deep wishes sprout from the wisdom of the Winter.

Just as nature stretches its limbs, we stretch our imagination with creative activity, clear planning, organizational structure, and bold decision-making.

Wood energy is an unstoppable, dynamic force for action.

Obstacles cause the energy to build up and look for ways around and through.

This jerkiness (buds pushing through the winter ground) is seen in the volatility of weather changes throughout the Spring as yin transforms into yang.

The force of upward Wood energy is what allows us to achieve our goals, desires, and intentional, decisive actions. We set strong goals in the Spring and ride the Wood energy to their completion.

The way we respond to limitations or obstacles shows us the health of our Wood element.

In balance, we see the situations clearly and recognize that challenges are opportunities to clarify and refine.

We move with smoothness, flow, equanimity and flexibility (like bamboo).

By incorporating more physical movement and supporting the liver (the principal Wood element organ), we’re able to embody Wood energy more skillfully.

In this brand new Lunar New Year, may you take the visionary energy of the Dragon and the courage of the Wood Element to make this a year of incredible achievements. You can fulfill all your goals!

If not now, when?

Wishing you all the best always,


CEO, Citrus Studios