How Remote Work Is Changing Tech Salaries in the Era of Coronavirus

It is not uncommon to pursue a career because of its salary. People have been switching to tech careers for the high wages they generally garner. Coronavirus has sent a significant portion of the workforce to work remotely. The ability to work from home might be another factor driving ambitious folks to switch to tech careers. Remote work and high salaries are a desirable reason to pursue tech jobs. Will both of these benefits be available when the coronavirus epidemic comes to an end?

Tech jobs are often stereotyped to include genius-level college dropouts living in California drinking Red Bull at 3 AM. This is an image of fantasy. Most tech workers operate the same way as people in other fields, but they work with programming languages most of the time. Tech workers come to the field for various reasons and reach their positions through diverse avenues.

Coronavirus is forcing companies to move more business online. If you can only perform a service in person (like plumbing), you still schedule them through technology rather than a human answering a phone. Tech jobs are here to stay; current tech workers and those wishing to join tech companies are hoping salaries remain stable.

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