Good to Go

The Art of Procrastination and Flow

Hello Everyone,

When is a project good to go?

When do you make that pivotal decision to press “start”?

For nearly three years, I had a dream of writing a book on branding. This aspiration remained a silent whisper because I was too scared to voice it.

But one day, fed up with seeing my drafts sitting unpublished, I took to social media, announcing the book’s release in three months, and started gearing up for a launch party.

With the framework of the book already in place, this announcement became the nudge I needed to bring it to fruition.

The journey wasn’t smooth. I waited till the last three weeks — I edited the book so intensely that the initial hundred copies I self-published didn’t even arrive in time for the launch party.

Rather than going into a tizzy, I went with the flow. My guests didn’t seem to mind snapping photos with the sample copies and eating sushi. They had fun flipping through an actual book, taking the little brand book quiz in person, and posing with their brand archetype. Guests received their books a few days post-party.

Around this period, I caught the attention of a prestigious literary agent in New York who cautioned against self-publishing, citing it might deter future publishers.

But in a turn of events, Harper Collins, a global publishing giant, recognized the book’s potential and took it under their wing merely six months after its self-publication.

The legendary Bruce Lee, celebrated for both his martial arts and profound thoughts, rightly remarked,

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”

It’s clear: sometimes, we become our most significant roadblocks through overthinking.

Lee also advised,

“Be water, my friend.”

This insight isn’t just about adaptability in martial arts; it’s about finding the balance between planning and doing, reminding us to be fluid yet proactive in our endeavors.

The book launch wasn’t perfect, but at least the book was done.

In echoing Bruce Lee’s sentiments, the moment to take action is often now.

Don’t let perfection or overthinking hamper your progress.

Do you have any secret projects that you’re harboring? What are you waiting to do?

Whatever it is, you can take small, sweet steps towards your goal and remember to always go with the flow!

Wishing you a sweet progress and flow and everything you do!

Kalika Yap
Founder, Citrus Studios