Generosity and Joy

At a recent mindfulness tea event at the Huntington, one of my friends, Terry Baris, shared the best advice she got:

“Never suppress a generous impulse.”

George Sweeting

I never heard that quote before, and it has stuck with me since. I thought how wonderful it would be if generosity and it’s natural consequence: joy was infused in business.

The two wings of generosity and joy uplift the world in a powerful way.

The Heart of Generosity.

At its essence, generosity is far more than transactional; it’s a way of being. It’s an authentic extension of your true self, offered freely to the world without asking for anything in return.

Wait, nothing in return?

This is business, after all. How does that work?

One way that I show generosity of spirit is to consistently share ideas freely with everyone I meet. Not holding back when I share productivity tactics, apps, books, or any knowledge I’ve gained with fellow entrepreneur friends.

Don’t squelch your generous spirit.

When you bring generosity into your business ethos, it creates an undercurrent of goodwill and trust.

You’re not just a vendor or a service provider; you become a beloved part of your customers’ lives.

This authentic connection can foster relationships that are not just commercial but also deeply emotional, establishing a bond that’s invaluable in today’s competitive market.

The Ripple Effect of Joy

It’s easy to forget the importance of joy when we’re caught up in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship. But what we often miss is that joy isn’t just a pleasant experience; it’s transformative.

Creating joyful moments for your customers and staff doesn’t just make them happy for a minute or two. It can create a lasting impression, a sort of mental bookmark that people return to time and again.

This emotional imprint not only promotes customer loyalty but also fosters a positive work environment that boosts productivity and innovation.


When were you generous in business? Do share! I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for being here and for choosing to listen to and consider these ideas. It’s my deepest hope that you’ll incorporate these heart-centered principles into your business journey.

Remember, the effects of generosity and joy are far-reaching, rippling out in ways that can bring beautiful blessings into both your personal and professional lives.

Wishing you unending joy,

Kalika Yap
CEO, Citrus Studios