Fresh-Squeezed: Southern California Golf Association launches new interactive website for junior golfers with Citrus Studios

The Southern California Golf Association came to Citrus Studios last year in need of an interactive SoCal Jr. Golf website that would allow juniors and parents to easily find information on golf programs by location and age group. They needed a website visitors could easily search and one that organizations offering golf lessons for children and teens could add easily login on to add their golf programs.

The result was, an easy-to-navigate site for both groups — those searching for golf lessons for kids and teens and those offering lessons.

Citrus Studios designed a website that is easily searchable so that viewers who visit the site can do a filtered search for golf lessons based on age group, location, ability level, and type of lesson. A calendar on the lower main page highlights bigger upcoming golf tournaments.

To keep the website constantly updated with new golf lessons and programs, we created a website where organizations can create an account and easily add information on their golf programs, which shows up in user searches.

The final website enables junior golfers and golf organizations to easily find each other and meet on the green to tee up.