Brand Development

Don’t pick a name that makes you one of those trees in the forest, and then spend the rest of your marketing budget to try and stand out.

-Danny Altman, Founder of a Hundred Monkeys

Naming & Verbal Identity

The right name is timeless, easy to say and hard to forget. Your name identifies your brand and is the linguistic component of the organization. It incorporates brand language, the term in which and organization describes itself and its products. It also covers the names of corporations and the products they sell, taglines, and is the “voice” of the brand. It sets the tone. It’s one complimentary piece of your overall brand identity along with visual and sensory identity.

The Process


  • Primary Research
  • Secondary Research
  • Insights
  • Information Audit
    • Client
    • Completion
    • Market Place
    • Stakeholders
  • Audit Readout


  • Personality
  • ValueS
  • “Why”
  • Purpose
  • User Profile
  • Positioning


  • Brainstorm Session
  • Linguistic Testing
  • Identity Matrix
  • Positioning Charts
  • Evaluation Charts
  • Basic Trademark Search
  • Domain search
  • Social Media Platform Search
  • Contextual Testing


  • Pitch
  • Selection
  • Delivery of Identity
  • Style Sheet
  • Positioning Report
  • Strategy Report

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