Ep 39: Zen & The Mindful Art of Business

Step into the warmth of wisdom and mindfulness with Kalika Yap on The Citrus Juicery Podcast! Join her as she shares her recent journey of joy, celebration, and enlightenment in the early days of February.

From beachside strolls with Mochi to soulful gatherings with friends, Kalika’s heart overflows with gratitude after celebrating her birthday. And what better way to mark the occasion than by delving into the Art of Mindful Eating with Zen Buddhist monks?

In a captivating workshop at the Japan House Los Angeles, Kalika and nearly 50 fellow entrepreneurs explored the depths of mindfulness through the simplicity of food preparation and enjoyment. Together, they uncovered the significance of the six tastes, including the intriguing concept of “Poly” — respecting the natural essence of food and people alike.

Drawing inspiration from ancient wisdom and modern teachings, Kalika shares insights on navigating the middle path in business and life. Just as Buddha taught, staying centered amidst praise or blame leads to true peace and enlightenment.

Join Kalika on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, where merging the six tastes with the middle path that leads to success and fulfillment. May you find balance, wisdom, and profound joy in every step of the way in your entrepreneurial journey.