Ep 38: The #1 CIA Skill: Perception vs. Perspective

In this episode, Kalika Yap uncovering a secret spy skill that has the potential to revolutionize the way people approach business and life. Fascinated by spies, their skills, secrets, and style, Kalika introduces Andrew Bustamante, a former CIA agent turned entrepreneur, as the focal point of today’s discussion. He’s the founder of EverydaySpy and believes that if he only had five minutes with someone, the number one CIA skill he would teach is Perception versus Perspective. Let’s dive into this powerful concept.

Perception, shaped by our experiences and beliefs, is our personal lens through which we interpret the world around us. However, it is limited and predictable. On the other hand, perspective requires intentional effort to step outside our own experiences and view situations from different angles. In the business world, gaining perspective is a game-changer for entrepreneurs as it opens up new possibilities and understanding beyond personal biases. Bustamante advocates for actively seeking diverse perspectives, a skill essential for observing and understanding others, ultimately leading to more intelligent decision-making and impactful leadership. As we reflect on Bustamante’s words, it becomes clear that embracing perception vs. perspective is not just a spy skill; it’s a life skill with the potential to transform our businesses and relationships for the better.