Ep 37: The Thief of Joy

Hey everyone, it’s Kalika from Citrus Studios, and I recently stumbled upon this quote that made me pause and think. The quote is, “Comparison is the thief of joy”. This quote, often credited to Theodore Roosevelt, resonated really deeply with me, particularly as an entrepreneur. 
As entrepreneurs, it’s natural to look around and measure ourselves against others. We compare our businesses, our significant other, our revenues, and even our homes. And when we think we don’t measure up, we feel bad. But here’s the thing, comparison doesn’t help us grow, it only serves to steal the joy from our achievements.
Bernie Brown said, “The overwhelming message in our culture today is that an ordinary life is a meaningless life, unless you’re grabbing a lot of attention.”
There’s a fear that being ordinary equates to being unimportant. We often feel pressure to be extraordinary. Yet, we must always remember that our worth is inherent.
Mindfulness expert Brian Shears reminds us “You are worthy of love and belonging, and contentment just because you’re alive.”
So let’s embrace our worth, not from how we stack up against others, but from the intrinsic value we hold just by being ourselves, your business, your brand, and your journey, they’re all parts of the extraordinary story that is uniquely yours.
So let’s commit to walking your paths with joy and authenticity, celebrating our own achievements, and knowing that we are more than enough. Just as we are. Yes. I’m always here for a chat, a bit of advice, or just to listen. We’re all on this incredible journey together and remember, you’re definitely not alone.