Ep 36: Mindful Branding

Hey there everyone. Welcome to the Citrus Juicery podcast. I hope everyone’s having a fantastic week as we dive into 2024. Today, I’m excited to share some insights about how integrating mindfulness can revolutionize our approach to branding. Recently, I enjoyed a holiday brunch with my friend Brian Shiers, a mindfulness expert.
I did a six-day silent retreat in December, so we were swapping stories about our individual experiences. He told me that in his silent retreat, in the first week, they usually sit in formal practice. And then, in the second week, they take their practice from the cushion into the real world. Some exercise that they do, for instance, is practicing mindfulness as they walk through every single doorway.
This led him to recommend this book called How to Train a Wild Elephant: And Other Adventures in Mindfulness by Jan Chozen Bays. So, I picked up the book and found that it’s a treasure trove of exercises for embedding mindfulness into our daily lives. As I read it, I thought about how these practices can also apply, interestingly, to our branding strategies.
For instance, much like mindfulness, people think that they are too busy for branding. But in her book, Jan says mindfulness, like branding, is all about connecting the dots or a paint-by-numbers kit. Do you remember those pictures where each small area is labeled with a number that tells you which color to use? As you fill in all the orange areas, then the yellows and the greens, a picture of let’s say an orange tree begins to emerge. Mindfulness practice like branding is like that you first begin with one small area of your life. Let’s say how you answer the phone. Each time you pick up the phone, you pause to take three long, slow breaths before you pick it up.
You do this for a week or so until it becomes a habit. Then, You add another mindfulness practice, such as mindful eating. Once this way of being present is integrated into your life, you add another. Gradually, you’re present and aware for more and more moments of the day. The pleasing experience of an awakened life begins to emerge.
In business, especially in branding, mindfulness is about linking our actions with the perceptions that they create. It’s like how small mindful practices lead to significant impacts. In Branding, every single interaction shapes your brand story. One exercise, for example, from the book was called Leave No Trace and it really stood out to me.
The idea is really simple. You choose a room and for a week, you leave it as if you were never there. This concept isn’t just for physical spaces. It applies to our interaction with customers and the market too. This concept isn’t just for physical spaces it applies to our interactions with customers and the market too.
So, let’s say you go into the kitchen and you want to make breakfast. You just make sure that the kitchen was just as pristine when you arrived than when you left. Imagine if our branding efforts were so seamless and considerate that our customers only felt the positive impact, not feeling bombarded by our heavy-handed marketing tactics.
Jan, the author of the book, reminds us, that first practice leaving no traces. Then practice leaving things better than you found them. In branding, this means first ensuring our interactions are seamless and nondisruptive. Then we aim to leave each customer interaction better than before, enhancing their experience and perception of our brand.
We want our brand to be a positive, almost invisible force in our customer’s lives, leaving them better than we found them. So as we plan our year, let’s integrate this mindful approach into our branding strategies. The mindful brand resonates more deeply with this audience. It’s not about logos. It’s not about taglines.
It’s about creating a consistent, positive experience that aligns with our core values. This approach builds trust, creates loyalty, and turns customers into advocates. Let’s make 2024 a year of mindful, impactful branding. Remember, our goal is not just to exist in the market, but to enrich and improve every single interaction that our brand is part of.
I’m really looking forward to an incredible year of growth and mindful branding with you. Before we sign off, I’d love to hear from you. What topics would you like to explore in future episodes? Reach out and let us know. Thanks so much for tuning in to the Citrus Juicery Podcast. We’re peeling out for now, but we’ll be back with more juicy stories.
Stay sweet, keep branding, and we’ll see you the next squeeze of the Citrus Juicery Podcast. Cheers.