Citrus Studios CEO Kalika Yap featured in Inc. Magazine

Citrus Studios CEO Kalika Yap who was chosen by the Entrepreneur’s Organization to represent them in a featured spot in the latest Inc magazine. We would like to congratulate our fearless boss for being featured in the magazine!

In 1999, Yap founded Citrus Studios, Inc., a brand and digital marketing agency. She is also the author of The Little Brand Book. In 2005, Yap invented and patented Luxe Link. Luxe Link is a fashion accessory that acts as an instant hanger to keep women’s purses off the floor.

Aside from being a full time entrepreneur, our CEO Kalika Yap also a full time mom, and wife to her husband and daughters.

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Core values will always remain at the center of how she makes business and life decisions. It also helps her to maintain healthy behavioral health as well as mental health.

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