Citrus Just Launched Sites

Citrus just launched The Wig Bar’s new website!

Citrus just launched The Wig Bar’s new website! If you’re looking for the latest wig, extensions, hairpieces, and wig accessories you can check them out at

Citrus launches Hyundai-Hata

Hyundai AutoEver Telematics America (HATA) was founded to bring telematics services to Hyundai and Kia automobile brands. Hyundai discovered Citrus Studios with a need for a robust recruiting site and began a partnership. The end result proved to be much more than either company could have imagined. With parallax effects, HTML 5/CSS 3 transitions and full-page responsive menu the site truly portrays the sleek tech-driven character of HATA. Going beyond the Internet, Citrus also provided offline brand collateral including presentation templates. With Citrus heading photography as well, each photo is a snapshot of real office environment with current employees bringing it to life.

Just Launched: LA FUND’S Website

The Los Angeles Fund for Public Education is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that will improve the educational and social outcomes for students in LAUSD.

See the LA Fund’s Impact in LA Schools

Just launched: MYNG Architects’ new website

MYNG creates functional healthcare spaces infused with flowing interior designs that set patients at ease and simplify the workflow for healthcare professionals.

Citrus client uvicube launches KICKSTARTER

We’re so excited for our client and friends at UviCube, who launched a Kickstarter campaign today to take their business to the next level. UviCube is the fastest way to keep your baby safe from germs. UviCube eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria with the power of ultraviolet (UV) light. Easily dry, disinfect & store bottles. Safely sanitize mobile phones and electronics.

Learn more here on their Kickstarter page, where you can also enter for a chance to win great UviCube prizes!

Citrus designed UviCube’s website, logo, videos, photos, and packaging and we’re so happy to see founder Autumn Colayco and her husband Ben take their idea to a broader audience!