Branding & Marketing in the Time of COVID-19

Social + Digital Opportunities During COVID-19


  • Reduced Ad Rates
  • High Talent Market
  • Increase in Social/Digital Engagement

So the first thing is ad rates and ROI. This is a screenshot tuck-in from Neil Patel, who specializes in SEO. In terms of the ROI of paid ads before and after COVID-19 you can see that post COVID-19, the ROI was tracked a lot higher and that’s one thing that we’ve seen anecdotally from our own client base and my own client base. We’ve seen this over and over. We’re seeing a lot higher engagement or a higher CPC for a lower cost. So it’s been actually an opportunity to be for many of our clients to kind of add to the hat.


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The other thing is you as a marketer have a really great position right now to negotiate with different platforms. So, one of the things, a lot of our, our customers are doing is really deferring the payables so that they’re keeping their cash flow tight and keeping their cash flow strong. If you’re going to look at a new application or if you’re going to look at installing a new program and there’s a yearly licensing fee, this could be an opportunity for you to kind of negotiate. There’s a lot of negotiation that’s happening in the market right now. So I would just encourage you to be willing to ask for the discount.

The other opportunity is just that we are all more socially engaged together. We are on digital and we are on social more so we’ve seen that organic growth grows. Now, there has been, issues with algorithm changes and that will always kind of ebb and flow, but on the whole, what we’ve seen with our clients is that if we are providing really good information and good storytelling, then we’re able to really see that increase in engagement.


As a young businesswoman, Kalika had to adapt as the world of marketing and business evolved around her. Here, she shares her own story — how she learned to consider archetypes while marketing, why she wrote Little Brand Book and how you can incorporate better branding strategies in your own business.

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