3 Ways Search Engine Optimization will Evolve in 2016

3 Ways Search Engine Optimization Will Evolve in 2016

It’s that time of year when publications and industry watchers like to make predictions about what the year ahead will hold for technology. At Citrus Studios, we always have our eyes on predictions, while our hands are already busy implementing the latest technology into our clients’ website designs.

Whether you’re an ecommerce website or a professional services site, reaching potential customers is why you have a website. How potential customers find you through web browsers like Google is always evolving, which means your web SEO plan needs to evolve as well.

We’ve pulled together top predictions from some of the most trusted sources for what to expect in Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, in 2016.

Content Marketing Will Drive Search Ranking

Content has been on the ins and outs in importance to website and brand marketing in the internet era. The dethroned king, content, is back as companies seek to boost their search rankings. In the past SEO content too often meant quickly (and cheaply) produced content bulked up with keywords optimized for search. That no longer is enough to boost a website’s rank. Web search has advanced and the content that is driving search is now higher quality.

Companies that develop a content strategy with a focus on creating high quality content users seek out will dominate rankings in web search in the new year.

Predicts Forbes commentator Jayson DeMers, “SEO will remain an invaluable subset of content marketing, dealing with keyword research, meta tags, indexing issues and penalty recovery, while content marketing will become the primary influencer of search visibility.”

Mobile Focus

Google is expected to give more importance in rankings to websites that are optimized for mobile devices. Google has even been seen testing mobile icons in search results next to those sites optimized for mobile platforms. The mobile web is how most people will access the internet in the coming year.

Mobile users also search differently. They are more likely to use voice for search and search at different times from different locations. Websites need to a search engine optimization strategy that takes these habits into account so your clients and potential customers can find you when they’re searching.

Predicts Inc.com “The ability for a brand to quickly and effectively deliver high-quality mobile experiences for consumers will certainly provide a competitive advantage.”

True Inbound Links Grow in Importance Inbound links, those links from other trusted sites to your website, will become more important to how your site ranks in web search. How do you gain these incoming links? This one comes back to the first trend: valuable content. Inc.com says companies should focus on creating and promoting valuable content for targeted audiences to get brand mentions and, most important, links back to this high-quality branded content on your website.